Internet Service Provider, Boise, Idaho

Internet Service Options - Boise, Idaho

DSL, VDSL2 (Fiber), 4G Wireless, Point to Point Wireless
& Satellite Internet service options are available!

Residential Internet Speeds up to 40Mbps!
Business / Enterprise Level Solutions up to 100Mbps!

Note:  The Internet service options, speeds and availability will vary by location.
Please call or request a quote below to check the service availability in your area.


Prefer to Text?
Just Text "Internet" along with your address to 208-939-6392
we will respond with the best option available at your location!

Bundled packages are available, just never required!


Packages Start at
$19.99 per Month!

 Ask about the Hopper!

Packages Start at
$29.99 per Month!

Ask about the Genie!

Phone: 208-906-0662

 Text:  208-939-6392